New Video! – Day 1: Saying goodbye to Grandparents

As excited as we are for our new adventure,we are sad at the reality of leaving so many of those we love behind. I don’t think the kids quite understand us moving away from our family. I never grew up around family and only saw my relatives every couple of years. One of my great desires is for my kids to grow up around cousins, grandparents, and other relatives. I have greatly enjoyed seeing those relationships with family from over the last couple of years and it makes me so sad to know that we won’t be around them in person anymore.  I am grateful for the opportunity that we have had to be around our family members and am grateful for technology so that we can FaceTime/Skype with so many of them from far away.  All the goodbyes we have said have brought many tears and it has not been easy at all. Knowing that our place is in Alaska and that is  where our Heavenly Father wants us to be makes the big adventure worthwhile and bearable.   I am grateful for the chance to go on this adventure  and look forward to all the many wonderful experiences and challenges that it will bring.   -Staci
Funny moments from today:
Cali told Tenzing to put on his headphones so he could hear the movie. Tenzing replied, “I can’t put them on. I am trying to concentrate!”

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