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First storm in Kodiak. The wind data is from

This video is about blocks

Eloise was jumping across some posts at the park today. At first she wanted to hold my hand but then she got on them and jumped all by herself.

Tenzing gave a talk in primary yesterday. He did a really great job and seemed to enjoy doing it. Cali said he looked like a general authority. Haha.

I caught a pink salmon today. It didn’t taste great, but it was cool to catch it, clean it, and cook it. Blood warning. It was a fun day of fishing

The final day of our journey! We are super excited we made it here, and happy to call this island our home!

We spent a total of 95 hours in the car together this trip. I drove all 3,975 miles, Staci took care of the kids for the whole 95 hours in the...