It is actually happening!

Wow. Our trailer is packed up and our other belongings are in our car. We are really heading to Kodiak, Alaska.

We need to thank our friends and family that came and helped us get all packed up on Saturday (and for the last three weeks!). Your contributions saved us time, energy, money, emotional stress, and so much more. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts.

We love you all so much and we are so grateful for the impact you have made in our lives.
Closing up the trailer!20140713-093413-34453585.jpg



Staci and Amber



Megan providing some moral support!20140713-093413-34453106.jpg

Jethro and Ben Flexing Their Muscles20140713-093411-34451733.jpg

The Hakkarinen Family (Mike, Linda, and their son)20140713-093412-34452729.jpg

Jethro and Ben squeezing the last boxes in. 20140713-093414-34454079.jpg

Ben, Brian, Jen, Margot, and Michelle (some ladies from work). 20140713-093412-34452064.jpg

Some camping gear.20140713-093415-34455466.jpg

Susan, Dave, and Cali enjoying some pizza.20140713-093414-34454602.jpg

Kristen with her kids and Eloise! 20140713-093415-34455141.jpg


A time lapse of our farewell pizza party

2 Comments on “It is actually happening!

  1. Wishing you the very best on your new position. Travel safely. Enjoy your new adventure.

  2. Have a safe trip and welcome to the north.
    Just saw you in Dawson creek
    Safe travels