More on the “Adventure”

One of our biggest struggles so far has been getting out of the “house” each morning. Despite our best efforts, we have not left until much later than we wanted each day. That puts us to our destination much later than we want our need, messes up our meals, and makes me pretty grumpy. It is not that I am focused on being on a schedule, but more that we are just late to everything, and then we are tired and worn out. And, we don’t have any time to play or explore at our new destination.

So, we rolled into our campsite today at about 5:45, and got started on everything. The tent got setup before the downpour, and we had dinner going. Except two hours later, the water still wasn’t boiling. What’s up with that?how can we not boil water? So, luckily, we are not out in the middle of nowhere, and we were able to go get a pizza.

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