What it costs to go to Alaska

When we were preparing to leave on this trip, we discussed how to to best do this trip within our budget. We decided that camping for 3-4 day at a time , preparing breakfast and dinner at camp, and packing our lunch everyday was the most budget conscious decision.

Now that we are officially halfway through with our trip, let’s do a bit of a recap of expenditures so far.

Gas- We fill up once a day, except for the first day driving to Spokane. $713.39

Lodging- We stayed at the lake for 2 nights and also stayed in a motel in Cache Creek because of our late start and not getting there until midnight. We have camped for 4 nights and will staying in a motel tonight also. $192.40

Restaurants- We ate lunch out on our way to Spokane, dinner out last Wednesday (late night due to fire), dinner in Whistler (late start and customs), pizza in Prince George (reAlly late and water wouldn’t boil), and breakfast this morning (wanted to get out early). 148.86

Grocery store- These expenditures are for food, treats for the kids (got to have the Kinder Eggs and other yummy Canadian chocolate), and other things needed for camping or driving. $245.01

Misc.- Souvenirs- $60. Telus- prepaid SIM card for Jethro’s iPad so we can blog and use for directions. $72.40 Speeding ticket- $138 Just a heads up, when driving through Canada, pay very close attention to construction zones and the quick change in speed limits. They don’t give much leeway on slowing down to that speed. Do it quick or they will catch you.

Total: $1,570.06. Overall, we feel like we are on track with our budget.

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  1. Great Job staying within your budget. Great example to everyone.