How to get temporary data for iPad (and maybe your phone) while traveling through Canada

Searching for the answer to this question before we came to Canada made me think this would be very difficult to do. But it wasn’t.

1. Convert American dollars to Canadian. You need 50 Canadian dollars and 40 cents.
2. Go to a Telus store.
3. Ask for a prepaid card for $25, plus a $10 top-up card (to give ya little extra data). The SIM card costs $10, also.
4. They need an address, name, birthdate, and a PIN that you make up. They told me that you could make up all those.
5. Pay the $50.40 and wait for a couple minutes and you will be online! I did not even need to reset my network settings.

A gigabyte of data is $30, and each MB over is $0.15. That is much better than what AT&T said I could pay. They said 800 MB would be $120! We did that for Staci’s phone, but I think it might have been cheaper to unlock her phone at a kiosk there in a mall and pay for one of these prepaid plans

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