Here’s the PechaFlickr Powerpoint Karaoke speech I gave at the ASTE2016 conference in Anchorage, Alaska. 8 slides, 10 seconds each, Keyword Bears, Topic: Personalized Learning. Thanks to @damonhargraves for filming it.

Tenzing wanted to make a movie, so we story boarded it, and he directed everything.

The kids were talking about Harry Potter for a long time

This video is about fishing at russian 2015-08-11

This video is about fishing at Russian. I caught a couple and you can see them swimming with the hooks in their mouths.

This video is about fishing at the olds. Set up the GoPro on the bottom of the river and enjoyed some neat sights. The big school of fish at the end...

Fishing, gopro placed on downrigger ball. Kodiak, AK